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Released: Lean Office Videos *Megapack*


“Tell me, I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand.” - Lean Proverb
"We don't need you to just make a bunch of videos with regurgitated Lean information. We need a set of entertaining or even funny videos that will indoctrinate our students into "Lean Thinking" and will help us drive a “Lean Culture” into our office environments." 

This is what BestLeanTraining was asked to do by a consortium of major US Electonic Manufactures, including Intel, Motorolla and Apple. These are the videos that made it happen. 12 videos in all, these videos are built around the “5 Tenets of Lean.” These videos can be used with any Lean/Six Sigma training program and will entertain and involve students while indoctrinating them into Lean Thinking.

These training videos use drama, humor, and interviews with electronics workers, managers and executives to make developing Lean Thinking fun and memorable. These Lean-Black Belt-produced videos spoof cultural icons like “The Office” and “Office Space” and cover many aspects of Lean Transformations in the Office including: Data Quality, Supply Chain, Lean Simulations, Wasteful Systems, Planning, and Effective Manager Training. Often, they will make the learning experience memorable by using characters to show students how to do it “wrong” first...a critical step toward understanding how to do it “right.” These videos were used to create a Lean Culture in the offices of the US Electronics Industry as part of their intensive Lean/Six Sigma Office Training programs.

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